Thanjavur - Center of South Indian religion, art, and architecture - VINU PADMANABHAN

Thanjavur - Center of Art,Culture and Architecture

April 01-2016

Tanjavur Big Temple

The Great Living Chola Temple - Brihadeeshwara temple

The Vimana of Thanjavur Temple - World's tallest temple

The Ancient Shivalinga inside the temple

The Monolithic Bull inside the temple premise

The Beautiful Intricate architecture of the temple

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Darasuram Town and Airavatesvara Temple

Airavatesvara Temple

Airavateswara temple inside the complex

Another View of Airavateswara Temple

A Wide angle shot of Airavateswara temple

A Shot from the rear

The Pillars inside the temple complex

A close up of the pillars

Symmetrical view of the pillars


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